Portable Toilets and Septic Services FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to portable toilets and septic systems. We find that informed customers are the best ones! For answers to any questions not listed, call our knowledgeable staff to help. Haas is here to provide the answer when it comes to your particular septic and portable toilet needs.

Q: How far in advance do I need to reserve a portable toilet?

A: Please contact us as far in advance of your event or project as soon as possible to ensure you will get the portable toilets you will be needing. Advance notice will ensure there are no additional delivery fees. If you need delivery on short notice we may still be able to meet your needs but there may be an additional delivery charge.

Q: Can I rent a portable restroom for just one day?

A: Yes, we normally make our weekend deliveries on Thursday or Friday prior to your event and Pick Up Monday through Wednesday following the event. Even though you will have the rental the entire weekend there is only one charge. If you need special accommodations for delivery during your event, please contact our office.

Q: Will the portable toilets be clean for my event?

A: We take great pride in offering our customers the best service in the industry. Our special event restrooms are used specifically as restrooms. They are used exclusively for special events and never go on a construction or other job site. Please rest assured that you will be renting a clean sanitized portable restroom for your special event.

Q: Am I required to have a portable toilet on my job site?

A: Most townships require a certain number of portable restrooms on job sites for the health and safety of employees and/or customers. Many may require you to have handicap accessible restrooms as well. Please check with your township for certain requirements.

Q: How often will my portable toilet be serviced?

A: We have different service plans available to meet your needs from 3 times a week to seasonal. Our trained technicians will clean your portable toilet as agreed upon provided your unit is accessible. Our drivers must have access to our rental units at all times, this may include giving our office keys to any gates and keeping vehicles a safe distance from the unit. We are capable of servicing more than once or weekly if needed.

Q: Where can you place my portable toilet?

A: We will make every attempt to place the portable toilet according to your instructions and requests. There are times, however, when this request is just not possible due to safety concerns. The unit must be placed where the delivery driver can drive the truck, and the service technician can reach the unit for service. This ensures that you, our employees and our trucks and equipment are not at risk for injury.

Q: Can I get an estimate?

A: The best way to plan for your party or project is to consider all the costs. Call for an estimated fee for your rental or other sanitary service today!

Q: Where is the opening to my septic tank?

A: This can be very important when it comes to cleaning and servicing your septic tank. The opening can be buried several feet underground. There is usually a map included with every home purchase that details where the previous owner placed the current system. If your purchase or the town records do not include a map, check with local septic contractors to see if they can help before digging begins.

Q: Why should I bother cleaning my septic tank?

A: Consider all the wastewater used in your home, from toilets and drains, every time you wash clothes, use a dishwasher, or turn on a garbage disposal. General cooking and cleaning can cause buckets of dirty waste, which all accumulates in the tank. This can lessen the capacity of what your tank holds and may increase your water bill. Taking time to pump out and clean away all that sludge will allow it to be disposed of elsewhere.